Creating a 3D Printed Mold- Part 1 Prepare The Print

What do you do when you need a custom mold and can't swing the outrageous fees to have one made? Do it yourself!

Recently, Kathryn from Sappho Chocolates in Ormond Beach, Florida reached out to us for help with her project for Maker Faire Orlando 2015. Kathryn wanted to build a mold to cast chocolate Maker Faire Robots. Due to the custom robot that Kathryn wanted, having a food safe mold created was cost prohibitive. 

So how do you make a custom mold?

Step 1: First, collect your supplies

Here's what we used.

File for 3D Printer (We enlarged the Makey Robot to 10 inches)
XTC-3D High Performance 3D Print Coating
Alumilite Plat 25
Craft Wood
Glue Stick
Pam Cooking Spray
FrogTape Painter's Tape

Step 2: Print your object

Robot Family

Step 3: Smooth The Print


Paint object with XCT-3D coating. We used 2 coats on our Makey. This step helps to smooth out your object and will reduce or entirely eliminate the appearances of ridges. By smoothing out the printed object, you also smooth the mold and the casting. Smoothing out the model also help the molding agent to release easily once it's cured. 

Step 4: Wait to Dry

Or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

The next steps are to prepare and pour the mold. Step by step instructions coming soon!


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