About Us

We design and manufacture the premier 3D Printer for the education market.

Our schools need to prepare our students for the jobs of the future. More and more of these jobs will require knowledge of new technologies, such as 3D Printing.

3D Printing is the technology of the future, but unfortunately, most desktop 3D Printers are bulky, scaled-down versions of industrial 3D printers.  These printers don’t work right out of the box, teachers don’t know how to use them, and they are difficult to move and setup in the classroom.  Simply scaling-down those machines to a desktop size is the wrong vision for education.

To illustrate the problem, just look at the typical 3D printers on the market.  These desktop 3D printers create several problems for education.  


They are heavy, unreliable, and difficult for students to see inside.  The problem is that they are not designed to TRAIN people...

 ...and that's what our product does.  We’ve built the world’s first 3D printer TRAINER.

We re-envisioned the 3D printer with a tall, open design, all-metal construction and full wireless control.  Our classroom-friendly design allows every student to see how the machine works, and allows teachers to focus on education, not maintaining or repairing a 3D printer. 

Our printer's ability to create larger size prints, makes DeltaMaker perfect not only for 3D printing demonstrations, but also for creating large classroom models.  Rather than looking at a picture, students can actually see a dinosaur skull - How many people get to hold a dinosaur skull? 

Our 3D printer includes on-board software, so it’s ready to print right out of the box.  Other 3D printers require schools to install and configure software before they can print their own 3D models.

Our printer is high-strength and very portable; making it perfect to meet the demands of today’s hands-on classroom environment.