About Us

"Our mission is to create innovative tools to equip and inspire makers to build, learn, and share in their communities."

About Us:

DeltaMaker, headquartered in Orlando, is a leading 3D printer manufacturer dedicated to creating professionally-crafted 3D printers and motion systems. Our products cater to a diverse clientele, from passionate makers and educators to businesses seeking reliable manufacturing solutions.

Founded with the ambition to empower individuals to bring their ideas to life, DeltaMaker goes beyond simply producing 3D printers. We believe in the transformative power of creation. Our printers serve as the bridge, turning intangible ideas into tangible realities.

But our commitment extends deeper. We're champions of the Maker Movement, a global community of innovators, creators, and dreamers. To DeltaMaker, the Maker Movement is more than a trend; it represents the future of manufacturing. Within this vibrant community lies immense potential — creativity, diversity, and an unwavering passion to "make stuff". It's this very spirit that has the power to redefine manufacturing, introducing a wave of localized companies ready to bring groundbreaking products to the forefront.

Every individual at DeltaMaker is intricately connected to the maker community. Our shared belief is that by supporting and nurturing this community, we're not just building products — we're building the future.