MFO 2023

MFO 2023

Discover the Future of 3D Printing at DeltaMaker's Maker Faire Booth!

Greetings, fellow makers and innovators!

We're excited to announce that DeltaMaker will be showcasing its revolutionary DeltaMaker Pro at Maker Faire Orlando, November 4th & 5th. If you're passionate about 3D printing and looking to witness the epitome of efficiency and design, our booth is the place to be.

The DeltaMaker Pro, our practical large-format 3D printer, has garnered attention for its unique blend of size, convenience, and adaptability. Designed with the end-user in mind, this printer promises to revolutionize the 3D printing landscape.

Visit our booth to see live demos, interact with our knowledgeable team, and get hands-on experience with the DeltaMaker Pro. We promise it will reshape your understanding of what large-format 3D printing can achieve.


Pre-production pricing is available for a limited time and represents a significant discount off the retail price.  Join us on this thrilling journey, and discover the endless possibilities the DeltaMaker Pro brings to the world of 3D printing. Don't miss out; find us at Maker Faire and be part of the future!

Until then, keep making and innovating!

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