January 2015- A Time For Resolutions

Happy New Year From the DeltaMaker Team!

The start to a new year always brings talk of resolutions and changes for the future. Often, we feel immense pressure to make drastic changes at this time of year. But this year, just like every year, and today, just like every day the DeltaMaker Team will simply work to make a positive impact, show gratitude and communicate more effectively. We manage to keep the same resolutions day after day and year after year. Though they're not new or unique, they remain special. Whether you are making big changes this year, or just keeping on, we hope you have an incredible 2015!

1. Make a Positive Impact

We are looking forward to continuing to support local events, education and economy in 2015. We will continue to encourage growth of the Maker Movement. We'll develop educational materials to make 3D printing more accessible to teachers and students. We will continue to build every DeltaMaker 3D Printer in the United States.

2. Be Grateful

We are part of an incredible community. We started as a crowd funded project and were embraced by hundreds of backers and countless other supporters. Nearly 2 years have passed since our funding campaign ended and a year has passed since we shipped our first printer. Every day we are grateful to every one of our supporters.

3. Enhance Communications

Communication is key to successful relationship- both business and personal. This year, we're going to continue to improve our communication. You'll be seeing more of us on social media and you can always contact us.


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