April 2014- STEM Day at the Capital

On Tuesday, April 21 DeltaMaker joined over 20 supporters of STEM Education in Tallahassee, Florida for STEM Day at the Capitol. The day was packed with educating and entertaining both Capitol visitors and our state representatives. 

Visitors saw robots, DeltaMaker 3D printers, topographical sand displays, simulators and got to play with a life sized angry birds set. Representatives from schools, museums, and industry met with representatives and were able to sit in on the legislative sessions. 

Though we all know the importance of STEM education, we learned that there is very little direction that schools and educators have been given as far as how and what to teach. Furthermore, funding has become increasingly challenging. In response to these issues, we will continue to work with teachers and schools to support classroom learning and make 3D printing accessible to students everywhere.

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