Local Maker Space Exiles MakerBots

The facebook post read "Goodbye MakerBots, hello DeltaMakers!"

Factur is a membership driven Makerspace in Orlando and its 40+ members demand reliable, stable equipment. After months of frustration, Factur Founder Doug Brown kicked the space's MakerBots to the curb and moved 4 new DeltaMakers into his 3D printing room. Three months after the switch, the members are still thrilled with the performance of the DeltaMakers. The volunteer in charge of the 3D printing room, Carlos Vega, runs the DeltaMakers constantly. "They're work horses," shared Vega, "they've each got their own little quirks and personalities and we've named each one."

In addition to supporting the 40 person membership, Factur hosts a monthly 3D printer meetup. The meetup drives a community support of 3D printing and provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about the new technology. Attendees range in knowledge from basic to advanced. Some members own their own design businesses and use the meetup as an opportunity to share their knowledge and show off some of their designs. 

Factur is a glowing example of an organization that supports and accelerates local businesses. DeltaMaker is proud to partner in those endeavours by providing stable, reliable equipment for this community.


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