PLA Filament in Orlando

PLA Filament in Orlando

Polylactic acid or polyactide (PLA) is a biodegradable and bioactive polyester made out of lactic acid building blocks. PLA was discovered in 1932 by Wallace Carothers when he heated lactic acid under vacuum and removed the condensed water.  The characteristics of PLA make it a great material for 3D Printing.

DeltaMaker carries a wide color assortment of PLA Filament for your 3D Printing needs, right here in Orlando, Florida. No need to wait for a shipment to come in or worry about the quality of PLA you may be ordering.

Our PLA is a premium 3D printer filament made in the United States to our very own exacting specifications. DeltaMaker PLA comes from the highest grade resins available and demonstrates incredible consistency from spool-to-spool and color-to-color. 

  • Environmentally friendly, bio-degradable thermoplastic
  • 1.75mm +/-0.05 diameter
  • Extrudes at 230 degrees C 
  • Available in many colors
  • Manufactured in U.S.A
  • Works great in any 1.75mm 3D printer capable of high-temperature extrusion
  • 0.35mm to 0.50mm nozzle diameter

Check out the PLA Filament we carry here at DeltaMaker 


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