We've Been Busy!

We've Been Busy!

A lot has happened since our last blog update, and we've been busy! Here's a quick recap of everything that's happened since the last blog post;

We've Moved!

While our last space was good, we needed more room to make our amazing 3D Printers. Business has been booming and we wanted to have the most space possible for production. This new space is conveniently located in the heart of Orlando near Sand Lake and Kirkman Blvd. Be sure to come by and see the DeltaMaker Factory and all the new things we're working on! Our new address is 7121 Grand National Drive, Orlando FL, 32819. 

Maker Faire Orlando 2016

Maker Faire Orlando 2016 just passed on October 22nd and 23rd, and we were excited and happy to exhibit and sponsor during the event. With a lot of amazing 3D printers near us, we were surrounded by amazing people trying to do wonderful things with the printers and others who wanted to learn more on how to get involved in the 3D printing community. We were happy to be near all of these amazing people, and look forward to seeing them again throughout the year! 

Our 3D Printers

We have two printers available for purchase! The DeltaMaker 2 3D Printer, and the DeltaMaker 2T 3D Printer. With different size printers, you have a variety of size options for your printing needs. All All production happens at the DeltaMaker Factory, mentioned above. 

Instructional Support

We've been putting together instructional videos to help show the best way to work with your new DeltaMaker 3D Printer. Be sure to keep up to date on our website and blog posts for new videos coming soon. You can view the videos and help links we already have by visiting our sight here. 

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