DeltaMaker Proving Grounds

DeltaMaker Proving Grounds

DeltaMaker 3D PrintersThe Proving Grounds is DeltaMaker's Research & Development area. It's where we try new things, push our DeltaMaker 3D Printers to their max (and then some) and quite often have some spectacular failures.

DeltaMaker is committed to furthering the technology behind Delta Style 3D Printers. We know we cannot accomplish this task behind closed doors. As such, the DeltaMaker Proving Grounds was established to share our trials, successes, and (more importantly) failures with the 3D Printing Community.

We met some amazing people at ERRF2019, and took to heart some of the many positive and negative comments we received from the community. More than that, we listened, and are taking action on several of the ideas and suggestions shared with us - special thanks going out to GreyBreard3D and Alien3D.

A quick housekeeping note: What DeltaMaker will be sharing within the Proving Grounds is in no way polished or ready for prime time. It's the raw, unedited "stuff" we're doing with and to our DeltaMaker 3D Printers. We hope you'll understand if what you see isn't IG Ready. ;-)

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