About DeltaMaker

“Our mission is to create innovative tools
to equip and inspire makers to build, learn, and
share in their communities.”

DeltaMaker is an Orlando-based 3D printer manufacturer that builds professionally-crafted 3D printers and motion systems for makers, educators, and businesses.

DeltaMaker was founded with the goal of enabling anyone to transform an idea into something tangible.  To accomplish this, we manufacture professionally-crafted 3D printers to allow people to create physical objects from their ideas and designs.  But our passion is more than just to build great 3D printers. DeltaMaker embraces the Maker Movement, and believes there is a powerful synergy between the maker community and small/localized manufacturing companies.  The creativity, diversity, and passion to “make stuff” that exists within this community attracts people with the skills and aptitudes needed to reinvent manufacturing in our society; and bring great product ideas to the market, though localized manufacturing companies.   Every member of the DeltaMaker team is connected to the maker community.