DeltaMaker Research

Introducing DeltaMaker Research: Where Innovation Meets 3D Printing

  • Foldable Large-Format Printer: Building on our commitment to practical design, we are forging ahead with an even more compact and transportable solution without sacrificing print size. This novel approach is set to shift user expectations from large-format printers.

  • Quick-Change Magnetic Toolhead Mounting System: Incorporating a kinematic coupling mechanism, changing toolheads becomes an effortless and swift task. This enhancement not only streamlines the process but also guarantees precision, paving the way for a versatile and efficient printing experience.

  • Energy-Efficient Build Surfaces: Transitioning from traditional heated surfaces, our research focuses on devising build surfaces that provide stellar adhesion without heat reliance. This approach boosts energy efficiency and elevates the safety and dependability of the printing process.

  • The Magic Tap Touch Probe: In 3D printing, precision is crucial. Introducing the Magic Tap—a cutting-edge miniature touch probe mechanism—DeltaMaker is poised to set new benchmarks in accuracy. Outclassing many standard probes, the Magic Tap ensures unmatched precision, guaranteeing impeccable prints.

  • AI Vision System: Bridging artificial intelligence with 3D printing, our AI Vision System stands as a significant advancement. Beyond simplifying configuration and setup, it autonomously identifies the active print head, adjusting the printer firmware as needed. Additionally, it offers vigilant real-time monitoring, proactively spotting any printing discrepancies or issues. Its standout feature, Auto-calibration, ensures the printer is optimally set up after unfolding.

Stay tuned as DeltaMaker Research continues its relentless pursuit of innovation, ever enhancing the capabilities and functionalities of the DeltaMaker 3D printers. The future is bright, and it's being crafted right now in our labs.