DeltaMaker Innovation

The DeltaMaker Pro: A Pinnacle of Innovation and Practicality in 3D Printing

Embark on a journey with us through the evolution of 3D printing, where the DeltaMaker Pro emerges as a beacon of innovation, practicality, and advanced technology. It’s not merely a 3D printer; it's a testament to our relentless pursuit of redefining what’s possible within the realms of large-format desktop 3D printing.

A Marriage of Compactness and Large-Format Printing
Witness a paradigm shift in how we perceive large-format 3D printers with the DeltaMaker Pro. Notably, two units can adeptly position side-by-side on a standard 2' by 4' tabletop, reflecting a design that champions space-efficiency without sacrificing its capacity to handle prints over 18 inches in diameter.

Revolutionary Folding Mechanism
Unique to the DeltaMaker lineage, the Pro model introduces an elegant folding mechanism, allowing it to fold flat for seamless transport and compact storage. This characteristic ensures that the benefits of large-format printing can easily travel with you or be tucked away when not in use, emphasizing our dedication to practicality and user convenience.

Energy-Conscious Non-Heated Build Surfaces
Veering away from traditional heated build surfaces, the DeltaMaker Pro embraces an innovative, non-heated build surface that secures excellent adhesion while being energy-efficient, promoting sustainability and enhanced safety throughout your printing processes.

AI Vision System: Simplifying Complexity
The AI Vision System stands as a pillar of technological advancement in the DeltaMaker Pro. This system ensures simplified configuration and setup, autonomously detecting and adapting to the print head in use. With proactive issue detection and an auto-calibration feature, it promises an unwavering, smooth printing journey from start to finish.

Precision at Your Fingertips with The Magic Tap
Elevate your printing accuracy with the Magic Tap touch probe mechanism. Beyond merely outperforming common probes, the Magic Tap becomes your assurance in achieving unparalleled precision in every print, safeguarding the integrity of your creations.

Seamless Interactions with Quick-Change Magnetic Toolhead Mounting
Experience a new era of simplicity and accuracy with the integration of a quick-change magnetic toolhead mounting system, enhanced with a kinematic coupling mechanism. This innovation promises not only swift toolhead changes but also consistent precision, uplifting your printing experience to new heights.

With the DeltaMaker Pro, we invite you to not just witness, but become a part of a groundbreaking evolution in the world of 3D printing, where innovation, convenience, and advanced technology converge to create extraordinary possibilities.