Production Journey

Join the DeltaMaker Journey

As we initiate the production phase for the DeltaMaker Pro, we extend an invitation to you to be part of this monumental step.

Spreading the Word
We need enthusiasts like you, who understand the game-changing potential of large-format desktop 3D printing. Help us reach others in the 3D printing community who are poised to elevate their printing capabilities. Together, we can make this journey resonate across the industry.

Strength in Numbers
Your participation does more than just secure you a cutting-edge printer at an exceptional price; it contributes to a collective momentum. With more early adopters on board, we can realize significant economies of scale, which, in turn, enhances the value proposition for every DeltaMaker Pro user.

A Call to Action
The more 3D printing enthusiasts who become early adopters this October, the stronger our collective bargaining power and the better the outcomes for all involved. It’s not just about securing a printer at a fantastic price—it's about banding together to drive innovation forward.

Join us, advocate for our mission, and let’s redefine the boundaries of desktop 3D printing together.