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DeltaMaker FlexPlate™

DeltaMaker FlexPlate™

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Check out the new FlexPlate™ from DeltaMaker.

DeltaMaker has a new way to easily remove your 3D printed objects from your build plate without damaging your masterpieces.

The DeltaMaker FlexPlate is a flexible acrylic build plate with the DeltaMaker logo engraved into the underside.  Frosted top surface creates a diffused view of the logo.  

Easy to Use

First, easily remove your new FlexPlate from your DeltaMaker 3D printer.  Next, simply grasp two opposite edges and give it a slight twist. This will break the adhesion between your printed objects and the build plate.  Your artwork may even pop right off with a couple of gentle twists. So get twisting and watch your masterpieces Pop!

The DeltaMaker FlexPlate is fully assembled, with three nickel plated magnet disks attached to the underside of the plate.



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