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DeltaMaker Replacement Nozzle

DeltaMaker Replacement Nozzle

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DeltaMaker 2 Nozzles

This product is the brass nozzle which is located on the bottom of the DeltaMaker print head.   Using the included instructions, the old nozzle is removed and the new nozzle installed. 

Please note that the instructions must be followed to ensure that other parts of the DeltaMaker print head are not damaged while removing and installing the nozzle.

The .35 mm nozzle is standard on the DeltaMaker 2, and the .50 mm nozzle is standard on the DeltaMaker 2T and DeltaMaker 2XT.

Original DeltaMaker Brass Nozzle

If your DeltaMaker was manufactured before 2016, and has the old-style print head, please contact our Help Desk ( before ordering a replacement nozzle. 

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