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Simplify3D, Inc.

Simplify3D Software

Simplify3D Software

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Simplify3D’s professional 3D printing software streamlines the process of 3D printing, empowering you to achieve higher quality results with your DeltaMaker 3D printer.

There are slicers, and then there is Simplify3D.   This is simply the best way to generate professional quality files for your 3D printer.  

The DeltaMaker 3D printer includes a built-in, open source, slicer that allows many 3D design files (STL) to be directly uploaded and printed.  The built-in slicer generates 3D printer files (GCODE) using a set of pre-installed profiles, which are suitable for simpler geometric shapes that do not require complex support structures.

For complete control of the GCODE generation process, a slicer program is installed and run on your computer.  Simplify3D is the best-of-the-best.

A licence of Simplify3D, that allows the software to be installed on two computers, is included with the purchase of a DeltaMaker 3D printer.

With Simplify3D you will see the following advantages over the open-source slicer that is built into the printer.

  • Printed parts are more dimensionally accurate
  • Prints are cleaner in appearance
  • Professional quality support material generation
  • Fast and responsive user interface
  • Powerful tools and configuration options
  • Faster processing of your design files
  • Optimized printer files for shorter print times

Powerful control over support material makes complex shapes easier to print.

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